How we started Onpoint,

Many people ask me this question.  I started this venture when I was a child. Born in Puerto Rico and raised with two brothers by a single mother in a farm setting in the middle of the island. Lived in our grandparents home with our mother for most of our childhood.  There my brothers and I grew up sharing everything which developed a special brotherly love for one another.  My mother an educated woman and a registered nurse transferred from the VA hospital in San Juan to East Orange in 1991. I am ever thankful for that transfer.  That is when we moved to Bloomfield. There we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment since that was all she could afford. My mother worked day in and day out.  From what I recall she took as many “on-call” shifts as possible.  Our first winter… boy was it cold. We borrowed shovels from our friend’s parents and began shoveling snow throughout our neighborhood. In essence our first business. We took our money and gave it to our mother since she was barely making it. I am a great believer in the words a man reaps what he sows. In this case, my dear mother instilled in us the simple foundation: work, ethics, and honesty in our daily living.

Skip on to the year 2000, I graduated high school, went to Essex County, got my associates and worked at Fortunoff for 2 years. Being at this high-end retail store I learned a great deal of value. Two major thoughts were, one people paid for quality and simply put luxury was not cheap. I daily saw wealthy individuals wander around and buy expensive things that I could not dream of buying with my weekly check. My biggest check was $286.33 and yes I remember. I would brainstorm daily on what to do for myself.   I began to notice that most homes were dirty and that I never saw anyone cleaning them and that’s when it clicked, a “power-washing business” I just didn’t know how. Soon after I see a guy pressure washing a  house in Glen Ridge so I asked him if he needed help. He talked to me for a bit and hired me on the spot. I handed my two weeks at Fortunoff and began working with him. Mark Grillo became my coach and mentor. He taught me everything about the business. I worked with Mark for just over 6 months before I began to start the process of opening up own.   At that time some of my friend’s parents tried to discourage me to just go to college and then get a job.  That was not me. I bought myself a 1987 Ford Econoline E350 that when I turned it on in the mornings it would rumble the entire neighborhood.  My uncle hand painted the logo on the sides of the van and my cousin helped me make a wooden ladder rack. My young brother let me borrow $225.00 so that I can buy a ladder. And that’s it I was in business. Once I made my first $300 dollars in a few hours I taped my $286.33 check on my bedroom desk to remind myself that this was the right decision in life.

In 2005 My best friend and younger brother Manny came into the picture a year or so later after going to school and getting his degree in the automotive field. I hired him full time. I convinced him that working for me he would make more money on his weekly check. So he worked for about two years and then I made him my partner.

We grew this business with a lot of sleepless nights, sweat, tears and hard work.  We are passionate about our business and our awesome team. We work day in and day out to give our clients the best personal experience and that is the “What and Why,” I believe keeps our clients happy to give us repeat business.


Thank you for your time and reading about us.

Yours truly,

Jose S. Vargas

Why Choose Us?

Onpoint has been at the top with leading competitors in the painting industry. We have come up with innovative and more distinguished ideas to run an efficient painting and power washing business. Clients find relieve when working with Onpoint for many reasons. Some of which are,

Written detailed proposals and contracts, Start and finish dates, Electronic invoicing and mobile updates on current projects, All painting and cleaning projects have written step by step processes created to guarantee efficiency, sustainability, and longevity. All colors for every job are kept in electronic archives as part of our service.  Digital color samples are provided at no charge with a signed contracts. Paying got even easier in the past four years. Onpoint gives clients different payment options, whether through online payments or on the site once the project is complete.

Onpoint Service Group is committed to every client from start to finish.