Our Understanding

  • We understand and know how universities and schools operate.
  • We understand thresholds ranges and requirements.
  • We understand bidding thresholds.
  • We understand your capitalization thresholds.
  • We strive to be on time and always under budget!

Here are the services we offer

  • Dorm Summer turnovers
  • Exterior Painting up to three stories
  • Custom Office/Dorm/Hallway/Classroom Painting
  • Maintenance interior painting
  • Staining
  • Fine finishing- Use HVLP system

Our Services

  • Painting- Interior and Exterior
  • Fine finishing
  • Wall paper installation

Our commitment to you.

Because we know every job is different and there are so many uncertainties when it comes to painting we take the time to make sure you are involved every step of the way. You will never be surprised by a larger bill than you were expecting. We keep the job site clean each and every day and will keep you informed if there are any changes in our scheduling. All our painters (our awesome team,) are committed to Onpoint and we strive to make every job successful.

We know it to be true that longevity of any painting project is in direct proportion to the preparation. We usually spend more time on prep than on painting! With the proper preparation and correct application of finishes, your facility will look beautiful and last for many years.

Exterior Painting:

A high-quality exterior paint increases the value and extends the life of your building. It shows you take pride in your facility. We are constantly researching the latest product and application methods. We use only the highest quality paints, coatings, and lacquers.

Interior Painting:

We pride ourselves on our skills and attention to detail. Our painters are courteous, neat, clean and enjoyable to work around. We are conscious about getting you back into your space a soon as possible. We know how disruptive it can be and we make every attempt to be one time and under budget.