When you need competent and reliable service, Onpoint is the smart choice.

If you are a business looking for pressure washing service in NJ, Onpoint has the experience and the expertise that you need.

We specialize in providing power washing services for many different kinds of businesses, including such places as Apartments & Townhouses, Condominiums, Schools, Colleges, Universities Building/Facility, Retail Store, Mall and Shopping Center, Municipalities & Libraries, Places of Worship, Churches & Synagogue, Convention Center & Hotel, Manufacturing Industrial Sites, Office Buildings, Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Warehouse/Distribution Center, Auto Dealerships and more. Call us today for more information.

At Onpoint, we understand the needs of our business customers when it comes to cleaning. We customize our services depending on your type of establishment, providing services such as stone restorations, sidewalk cleaning, awning cleaning, and wood preservation. We schedule our main cleaning services so that they will interfere as little as possible with the daily routine of your business, but we will always be immediately available for emergency and priority cleanings. We will help you keep up with your business, and we always work safely and use environmentally-friendly products.

We use a color-coding system of cleaning to avoid cross contamination and we pay attention to detail. We are experienced in cleaning all types of building materials, including vinyl, stone, concrete, bluestone, limestone, marble, composites, pavers, and different woods. Our cleaning crews go through our own extensive training program to meet our strict standards of excellence and they don’t start to do any jobs for us until they are competent. Though we offer the highest quality service, we still keep our prices competitive so that you can easily fit our services into your business budget. Call us today to schedule a consultation about your commercial cleaning needs.

When you need Power washing service in NJ, you won’t find better service than you’ll get from Onpoint. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your business cleaning and maintenance needs. Call us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.